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Georgina Evans

  • CountryUnited Kingdom
  • Born1966


Georgina Evans is an artist and qualified Art Therapist.  Born in Nigeria and being of mixed heritage, Evans’ creative practice involves a process of self-enquiry, exploring ideas relating to how our identity is shaped by conscious and unconscious influences. 

Evans has held several professional roles including working as Sessional Therapist for A Space in schools, Art Psychotherapist and Trauma Counsellor at Women and Girls Network, and Lecturer at University of Roehampton. She is adept at linking themes explored by therapists to those highlighted in PSHE lessons. 

Evans has delivered a series of workshops at Iniva throughout the years.  In 2018 she presented an experimental workshop ‘Perceptions of Self & Other’ as part of the ‘Exploring Difference’ series at Iniva, and ‘The Experience of Heritage’ workshop questioning the ways in which the world around us has impacted on our personal history, as well as delivering the ‘Emotional Learning Cards Workshop’ series at Iniva. She was Artist-in-Residence at Iniva in 1999, where she spent 6 months with the Union Dance Company. 

Georgina graduated in BA Fine Art at Goldsmiths University of London (1993), MA Film and Visual Cultures at Middlesex University (2002), and MA Art Psychotherapy at University of Roehampton (2014)

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