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Can publications be porous? co-curated with Lauren Craig

Workshop Can publications be porous? Lauren Craig and Georgina Obaya Evans

07 Jun 2023

Artist and cultural futurist Lauren Craig delivers a workshop to unpack her conceptual modality S:E:P:A:L:S

  • Venue

    Stuart Hall Library

  • Date and time

    Wednesday 7 June 2023

  • Time


  • Tickets

    Free, booking required

  • Artists

    Lauren Craig

    Georgina Evans

Can Publications Be Porous? explores the porosity of publishing with the visual responses of Sadia Pineda Hameed (LUMIN), Amber Akaunu and Fauziya Johnson (ROOT-ed Zine) to Lauren Craig’s score that emerged from the conceptual modality S:E:P:A:L:S – sustainability; experience/engagement; practice/presencing; action/attunement; learning/legacy; sensitivity – transforming the Stuart Hall Library into an experimental space to question the concepts through publishing.

Under the scope of the exhibition, co-curator Lauren Craig, supported by Georgina Obaya Evans, invites the public to experiment with S:E:P:A:L:S cards as visual aids highlighting the themes explored through the project. Lauren proposes a conversation with participants to unpack the exhibition themes and invites them for a reading of her score, which informed the exhibition. Lauren will lead the workshop to explore chosen themes by using the S:E:P:A:L:S framework as a score, the participants then exercise auto-para/ethno-therapeutic writing and share with the group. The session will be followed by a Q&A.

The workshop is open to all but booking is required. The event will be held at Stuart Hall Library. If you have any questions or any accessibility requirements please contact Beatriz Lobo (Curator) beatriz@iniva.org

About the contributors

Georgina Obaya Evans‘ work explores ‘sense of self and other’, and reflects on how we make meaning and find healing through interactions of the expressive body, creative arts and embodied psychological therapies.  Her professional practices of visual art, art psychotherapy and yoga therapy are rooted in theories and practices of creative self-enquiry. Through these interdisciplinary portals, intersubjective relationship can be explored as a route to addressing trauma in self and other(s).

Lauren Craig (she/her/hers) is a social-media shy, internet- curious cultural futurist based in London. Her practice intentionally moves slowly between curation, performance, installation, art writing, moving images and auto- ethnographic photography. Through collaborative live engagement, systems thinking and social archival histories, Lauren elevates lived experience as a tool for reframing past and present underexposed narratives.