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Emotional Learning Cards Workshop: Perceptions of Self & Other Exploring Difference Series 3

04 Oct-11 Oct 2018

Experiential Art Workshop delivered by Art Psychotherapist Georgina Evans For personal and professional development (4 hours certified CPD)

  • Venue

    170 Pitfield Street

  • £60 per person for 2 sessions.

  • Workshop with cards

    £70 special offer: receive a pack of 'Who are you, where are you going?' at the discounted price of £10 when booking.

  • Artists

    Lyn French

    Georgina Evans

2 Week Evening Course / £60 per person
Thursdays 4th and 11th October, 6-8pm

Shoreditch Trust Healthy Living Centre, 170 Pitfield Street, London N1 6JP
Nearest Underground: Old Street

We continue our Exploring Difference workshop series facilitated by Georgina Evans, art psychotherapist, using our unique, contemporary art based, Emotional Learning Cards to set the scene. ‘Perceptions of Self & Other’ is open to all and will consider ways to introduce important conversations about class, culture, gender and race. The workshops will include practical tasks and art exercises to explore key themes. For those working in the field, these can be adapted for use with all ages in group or individual sessions or the classroom setting.

All the workshops are designed to stand alone and participants do not need to have attended previous series.  Numbers are kept low to offer a more personal experience.

Georgina was born in Nigeria and is of mixed heritage. Exploring ideas relating to how our identity is shaped by conscious and unconscious influences has always been of key interest to her both as an artist and a creative therapist. Georgina has a number of professional roles including working as an A Space sessional therapist in schools. She is adept at linking themes explored by therapists to those highlighted in PSHE lessons.


  • Thursday 4th October: What experiences, beliefs, social constructs and unspoken messages shape our perceptions of ourselves and others?  In what situations might we feel ‘not good enough’ or unconsciously cause others to feel this way?  What does gender, culture, race and class have to do with this?
  • Thursday 11th October: How can we re-frame our self-perceptions, letting go of inherited ways of thinking and negative self-beliefs that can limit us?

Workshop participants will be given handouts including suggestions for practical activities and discussion points to take away linked to our Emotional Learning Cards. Sets can be purchased at a discount during the series.

Book a ‘with cards’ ticket and get a copy of our “Who are you, where are you going?” set for £10 (normally £14.95).

Places are limited so early booking is advised.

For more information email Susan at sibreck@iniva.org

Emotional Learning Workshop: Perceptions of Self & Other

Image, ‘Where do I end and you begin’ by Shilpa Gupta, 2012 (From ‘What do relationships mean to you?’)