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Artist, Writer

Simone Yasmin


Simone Yasmin is a Black writer and spoken word artist born and based in Leeds. Both her written and vocal work raises awareness for issues many choose to ignore in order to sit in comfort. Simone brings that discomfort into the centre of the room, pulling no wool over eyes with her blunt and realistic words.

Simone is an artivist and often central to her work is the intersection of race and feminism. Her own experiences navigating the world – a white, male world – as a Black woman, largely act as a catalyst for this. Her interlocking identities cannot be separated or extracted. Simone connects dots many are scared to, creating parallel lines to highlight injustice and amplify marginalised voices.

Simone’s work was exhibited at The Tetley as part of the exhibition ROOT-ed Zine: Retrospect, Reality, Reform, funded by Jerwood Arts (2022). She also recently performed a spoken word piece in Trafalgar Square as part of the Women’s Equality Party ‘March On The Met’ and on the Leeds Bridge at the David Oluwale vigil after a plaque honouring him was stolen from Leeds City Centre.

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