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01 Oct 2022-31 Mar 2024

CoLab brings together artists, mental health workers and educators to take iniva’s artistic programme to schools. CoLab invites artists to deliver a series of workshops for students while developing resources for educators, culminating in a permanent artwork that is left as a legacy within the school(s) and a publication for the Stuart Hall Library. The whole process is supported by a mental health worker that guarantees the safeguarding of the students while ensuring the well-being of artists and educators. 

At the heart of the project is the ambition to introduce creative and critical approaches to enable pupils to better understand their place within the school setting and the world beyond, extending this to the approach of teachers and senior leadership.

CoLab projects run alongside iniva’s artistic programme. For 2022-23, the projects happen in Manchester and Wakefield, locations where Future Collect has taken place, and Barking and Dagenham, continuing a long-term partnership between iniva and the borough. 2023-2024 the project will take place in Redditch and Eastbourne. 

Image: Young Peoples Makers Session on 10 November 2022
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