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01 Oct 2022-31 Mar 2024

CoLab brings together artists, mental health workers and educators to take iniva’s artistic programme to schools. CoLab invites artists to deliver a series of workshops for students while developing resources for educators, culminating in a permanent artwork that is left as a legacy within the school(s) and a publication for the Stuart Hall Library. The whole process is supported by a mental health worker that guarantees the safeguarding of the students while ensuring the well-being of artists and educators. 

At the heart of the project is the ambition to introduce creative and critical approaches to enable pupils to better understand their place within the school setting and the world beyond, extending this to the approach of teachers and senior leadership.

CoLab projects run alongside iniva’s artistic programme. For 2022-23, the projects happen in Manchester and Wakefield, locations where Future Collect has taken place, and Barking and Dagenham, continuing a long-term partnership between iniva and the borough. 2023-2024 the project will take place in Redditch and Eastbourne. 

CoLab Barking and Dagenham

From October 2022, artist Holly Graham will deliver eight workshop sessions in Northbury Primary School and Eastbrook Secondary School in Barking and Dagenham. During the sessions, Holly will food as a prompt to discuss identity and migration. 

The workshops will be supported by A Space Therapist Nathalie Roset. Utilising iniva’s Emotinal Leraning Cards, they will focus on well-being exercises, reflections on belonging and ideas around their place in the world. 

The workshop sessions will serve as training for the students, who will act as leaders during the Young People Makerspace sessions on 10th November – an annual Baking and Dagenham event for 20 different schools within the borough, welcoming 200 children. As a result of the schools’ workshops and Young People Makerspace sessions, Holly will create a publication titled Roots and Routes, which will be distributed to the students and available at Stuart Hall Library. Holly will speak about the experience and deliver a workshop session at the Barking and Dagenham’s Cultural Education Partnerships Conference on the 17th November.

CoLab Manchester: iniva x Short Supply 

How do we use language to create shared spaces for healingCan an exploration of the past lead us to a better futureWhat collective work can help us find a place of care with(in) the institution?

CoLab Manchester is a project in Greater Manchester responding to iniva’s Future Collect programme in collaboration with Short Supply featuring artists Fauziya Johnson and Kiara Mohamed

Supported by iniva, Short Supply will be working with the artists to deliver a series of school workshops and create an artwork in 2023. Fauziya and Kiara will work with young people at Salford City Academy in Greater Manchester to explore the themes of care and resistance. 

Continuing CoLab’s commitment to the well-being of participants and collaborators, the project is receiving support from with-you – an organisation providing advice on how to promote project participants’ skills and expertise to offer each other peer support and encouraging conversations about well-being for ourselves and the people around us.

Short Supply is an arts organisation based in the North West. Short Supply is a bridge between emerging artists and arts organisations, producing exhibitions, workshops and talks to create enriching environments that allow us to platform, connect and exchange knowledge alongside emerging artists in the north west and nationally. Being the change we want to see and all that. Notable projects include our graduate art prize MADE IT (exhibitions at HOME, Rogue Artists’ Studios, Paradise Works), our Arts Council England funded tour around the north west Goin Places Doin Bits, collaborations with Islington Mill, SOUP, Manchester Pride, UKNA and our programming for organisations like Manchester Art Gallery, Institute of International Visual Arts, The Whitworth and Culture Warrington.

CoLab Wakefield

CoLab Wakefield is a project working with artist Simone Yasmin, Creative Producer Boseda Olawoye, and an Arts Therapist to deliver workshops and commission a new artwork in collaboration with students from Castleford Academy.

Reflecting on iniva’s programme Future Collect, the workshops explore accessibility to museum collections for students and imagine how art organisations could best reflect and serve local young people. The Hepworth Wakefield will be generously hosting the students in their studio spaces for creative activities and taking the students on gallery tours. 


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