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Imogen Tyler

  • CountryUnited Kingdom


Dr Imogen Tyler is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Lancaster University. Social Abjection and Revolt are pivotal concepts within her current research, bringing together intersecting interests in migration, borders, social class, race, ethnicity, disability, poverty through a focus on mediation and political aesthetics.

With Katarzyna Marciniak (Ohio University) Imogen prepared a special issue of Citizenship Studies on `Immigrant Protest` and an edited book Immigrant Protest: Politics, Aesthetics, and Everyday Dissent (SUNY). Her talk at Invia/ Rivington Place focused on these two publication projects and her work with artists engaging with themes of Immigrant Protest. Part of the terms & conditions series of events.

Dr Tyler’s forthcoming book, Revolting Subjects (Zed) examines the relationship between mediation, subjectivity and inequality in the tumultuous context of neoliberal Britain. It explores the double meaning of ‘revolt’: the processes through which specific populations are figured as revolting and become subject to censure and the practices through which these populations revolt against their abject subjectification. Revolting Subjects aims to deepen critical understandings of neoliberalism as a psycho-social formation by exploring the ways in which individuals and groups embody, live, negotiate and resist prevailingideologies of selfhood. In particular, it examines the role of media (analogue and digital), art and aesthetics, as routes for recording abjection, and protesting against inequalities.

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