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Immigrant Protest: Politics, Aesthetics and Everyday Dissent Imogen Tyler, Katarzyna Marciniak, Margareta Kern

23 Sep 2011

Talks and discussion with Dr Imogen Tyler, Sociology Senior Lecturer & Leverhulme Fellow, activist group No Borders London, and artists Nada Prlja and Margareta Kern

This session takes its cue from the book in preparation by Dr Imogen Tyler and Dr Katarzyna Marciniak, Immigrant Protest: Politics, Aesthetics and Everyday Dissent, which examines the critical relationship between visibility, power, and representation.

The event includes a presentation by Dr Tyler, who will examine dissent, resistance, and revolt against the conditions and social attitudes faced by migrants, focusing on the centrality of aesthetics to migrant resistance movements. This is followed by contributions of activist group No Borders London, who have been active in a range of campaigns against deportations of asylum seekers as well as in ‘Justice for Cleaners’ campaign; artist Nada Prlja whose work deals with the complex situations of inequality and injustice in societies; and artist Margareta Kern will discuss her work in production GUESTure, an experimental re-enactment of interviews with the migrant workers.

terms & conditions is a project comprising of a series of events devised by Iniva in collaboration with artist Margareta Kern. The events, ranging from talks and discussions to workshops and walking tours, explore the impact of neoliberal capitalism on migration and labour with a focus on the social and economic injustices.

Images from the event