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Raju Rage


‘The Dilemma of the Diaspora to Define’ examines the tensions and conflicts inherent in negotiating cultural identity and queerness as part of the diaspora. This work focuses on exploring occupying and performing race, ethnicity and queerness and the way (South) Asian non-conforming bodies have to navigate and negotiate their bodies in a western world where there is often a conflict between tradition, modernity, culture, defining ourselves and expressing our queer identit/ies and how it is read/misread.

Being visible and yet invisible, at the same or different times, and the affect of temporality, time and space, symbolism, stereotypes, ethnic codes, ideology and gazes on the body. Raju Rage creates culturally coded sculptural objects based on those usually used to express cultural identity, exploring how queer bodies embody, transgress and manipulate these objects, as forms of trans*formative resistance.

Raju Rage is an interdisciplinary visual artist, writer and community organiser who is proactive about carving space, self-representation and self-empowerment using art and activism to forge creative survival. They are a transgender queer artist person of colour working in London and in Berlin who is interested in the role of art in social change. They are actively, individually and collectively, trying to create opportunities where there is a lack, for QTIPOC artists who are often multi-marginalised for being queer and/or trans* and as people of colour.

Finding strength in collectivity and collaboration they are an organiser and member of ‘Collective Creativity’ a QTIPOC arts collective. Raju was recently involved as part of QTIPOC Arts Group with a residency and showcase at Guest Projects London in September 2014 and a Performative Installation and exhibition at nGbK Berlin as part of ‘What is Queer Today is Not Tomorrow’ in Jul/Aug 2014. Currently they are showcasing ‘performative interruptions in public space’ as at Cross Cultural Live Art project (CCLAP) on 31st Oct 2014. Raju is particularly interested in bringing and representing knowledge and creative production from outside of academia and institutions, from pro/active activist communities into the forefront. Raju continues to be a creative educator for over a decade, facilitating a variety of self-empowerment creative learning/sharing workshops.

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