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Contemporary Rites: Live Art and Contemporary Performance

Contemporary Rites: 13 November, 6.30-8.30

13 Nov 2014

Live Performance: EPHEMERAL EMBODIMENT (Raju Rage), PREFORM Edition: Feelin' Reflective (Evan Ifekoya) and YOUR THREADS CUT MY FINGERS (Raisa Kabir)

As part of its Emerging Practices programme Iniva presents Contemporary Rites; a three-week series of live art performances taking place in the Education Space from 6-20 November, where 10 artists and curators will consider the role of ritual in contemporary performance and live art.


These three performances look into the complexities of identity in contemporary life by exploring repetition, exploration and identity through communal rites of discovery.

The Dilemma of the Diaspora to Define presents ‘EPHEMERAL EMBODIMENT‘ an interactive installation with Raju Rage. PREFORM Edition: Feelin’ Reflective You are looking so boy/girl or is it Caliban today? Orisha. Any new followers … any new likes … any new requests? Repeat. You are looking really African today with Evan Ifekoya.  YOUR THREADS CUT MY FINGERS with Raisa Kabir retraces the repeated use of racialised labour and its connection to cotton.

Eventbrite - Contemporary Rites, Thursday 13th November, 6.30-8.30pm

We run a waiting list, if you register and then drop out please email us: info@iniva.org

This is a free event but places are limited.


Raju Rage is a multi-disciplinary artist and community organiser who is proactive about creating space, self-representation and self-empowerment using art and activism to forge creative survival.

Raisa Kabir is an art activist and has written on dress, cultural appropriation and South Asian and Muslim identity.

Evan Ifekoya is an interdisciplinary Artist, exploring the politicisation of culture, society and aesthetics. Appropriated material from historical archives and contemporary society make up the work. By ‘queerying’ popular imagery and utilising the props of everyday life, the aim is to destroy the aura of preciousness surrounding art. Central to this practice is an exploration of the ways that collaboration might take place.

Evan, Raju and Raisa form Creative Collectivity, a creative practice and space that is explicitly inclusive of, created for, and by people of different sexualities, genders and colour.