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Artist, Collective

Piva Anna

  • CountryItaly
  • Born1961


Artist and musician Anna Piva lives and works in London. She creates digital and video images, electronic compositions, art installations, and sound environments. She is interested in data transformation, sonic and visual manipulation, dub processes, in the interface of art and science, sound and cosmology, the body, memory and perception.

Piva is a founding member of multimedia group Flow Motion [1996 to date], and records with electronic music group Hallucinator which she co-founded in 1996, and whose work includes music for film – Memory Room 451 [1997], Universal Substitute [2002], theatre and dance – Absolute Zero [2000], Aya Mod 2 [2004].

Flow Motion’s installations, sound art performances symposia, performance presentations and web based projects have been exhibited and performed internationally, and include Ghost Dance [2002], The Dub Museum [1999], Dissolve [2001], Astro Black Morphologies/Astro Dub Morphologies [2005] Deep Space Poetics [2005], Invisible [2007], and Promised Lands [2008/2009].

Between 1990-1999 Piva also worked as a live and studio musician [bass, electronics]; in 1999 she began a radio-astronomy sound research, and later collaborated with various scientists and institutions, including Jodrell Bank Observatory and Cambridge University’s Institute of Astronomy.

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