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Promised Lands

Promised Land – part 2 Flow Motion

12 Nov 2009

Performance with new sound and visual elements Promised Lands, developed with the support of SCAN

A live performance installation with new sound and visual elements on 12 November showcasing materials from the Promised Lands project. The performance will last 60 minutes. Promised Lands was developed with the support of SCAN

Since completing the first phase of their residency at Iniva in May 2009, Flow Motion have delved yet further into the ideas and themes of the project, selecting from their vast collection of material to create one hundred textual narratives accompanied by visuals in the form of triptychs.

The songs have been collected from histories and cultures across the world, spanning a 400 year history of migration from the 1600s to the present day. They open doors to new narratives, forming unexpected connections, and making the journey to the Promised Land a fascinating and unpredictable one. The diverse sources for the material include the first documented African American slave songs, Bob Marley’s Exodus, Palestinian liberation songs, orchestral work by Jewish composer Wojciech Kilar and William Blake’s Jerusalem.

“‘Promised Lands’, we discovered, are haunted lands, haunted by the stories of other Promised Lands, haunted by the migrant, the displaced, the forcibly removed, the vanquished, and the past and place from which s/he is part and apart.” Flow Motion

Flow Motion have also created an image music and text-based website to which you are invited to send your comments, and are currently working towards a touring installation.