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Maja Korac-Sanderson

  • CountrySerbia
  • Born1957


Dr Maja Korac-Sanderson is Reader in Refugee Studies specialising in gender, conflict and development, as well as gender, migration and integration. The primary geographical focus of her research is Europe, the EU as well as Eastern, Central and South Eastern Europe.

Maja has held positions at the Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford (Britain), Centre for Refugee Studies and the Centre for Feminist Research, York University (Canada), and University of Belgrade (Yugoslavia/Serbia). She is affiliated to the Centre for Narrative Research, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as the Centre for Human Rights in Conflict, School of Law, University of East London. She also holds a research affiliation to the Centre for Sociological Research, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. Maja has done consultancies for government institutions as well as non-governmental organisations. Her research has been supported by the EC Community Action Programme to Combat Social Exclusion, The Hayter Fund, The British Council, The Oppenheimer Fund, Ford Foundation, Open Society Institute, and Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada: Professional Partnerships Programme.

Maja is a co-founder of the Women in Conflict Zones Network (WICZNET), an international network of scholars, policymakers and grassroots women’s groups from around the world. She co-coordinated the WICZNET collaborative international project: “A Comparative Study of the Issues Faced by Women as a Result of Armed Conflict: Sri Lanka and the Post-Yugoslav States” (1998-2000).

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