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Mosaïques festival film screenings

07 Jun 2011

Two short films dealing with the question of identity and migration with a focus on young people

Et La Neige N’etait Plus (And the snow was gone) by Ababacar Samb Makharam, 1965, Senegal, 22 minutes.
After winning a scholarship to study in France, a young Senegalese returns home and questions his experience and his future, with honesty, courage and humor.

Tanger, Le rêve des brûleurs (Tangier, The Burners’ Dream) by Leila Kilani, 2002, France, 53 minutes.
The Border at Tangier is a presence: it can be seen, it appears at any moment, it can be felt everywhere. It is the water. Opposite, there is a continuous line: Spain, Europe’s last natural advance. A “burner” is someone who is ready to accept anything in order to get away: someone who is prepared to burn his papers and his identity, making this departure an irrevocable undertaking.

Both films deal with the question of identity and migration with a focus on young people in two different eras.


There will also be a Q&A after the screening with a chance to discuss the themes of the films showing at this event. The speaker will be Maja Korac-Sanderson, Reader in Refugee Studies specialising in gender, conflict and development, as well as gender, migration and integration at The University of East London (UEL).

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