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Êvar Hussayni


Êvar Hussayni is an artist whose work focuses on Kurdish genealogies, colonial violence in archives and their relationship with the trajectory of Kurdish feminism and Kurdish womanhood.

In her analysis of archives, she investigates the psychological impact of the archived material; how might archives perpetuate violent histories? What role does archiving play in shaping freedom – specifically that of occupied people and lands? How far does the current archive privilege particular narratives and create bias in the collective memory? Through broadening the range of methodologies she employs in her work, Êvar’s endeavour is to assess the implications of archival structures for Kurdish women’s identity formation.

Êvar also runs The West Asian and North African Women’s Art Library (WANAWAL), a publicly accessible archive built to collect and exhibit artwork, curatorial projects, and publications by practitioners from West Asia and North Africa. Its purpose is to develop and experiment with different archiving methods, and research how geopolitical identities intersect and function within the current collective conception of documentation.

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