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Untitled: an exhibition of works in progress by Maria Amidu

Workshop INDEX Public Programme: Sharing memories over Kurdish cuisine Êvar Hussayni

26 Apr 2023

“Leave, and your homeland leaves with you”-  Êvar Hussayni

  • Venue

    Stuart Hall Library

  • Date and time

    Wednesday 26th April, 5:30-7:30pm

  • Time


  • Free! Booking required.

  • Artists

    Êvar Hussayni

As part of the INDEX exhibition ‘Untitled: an exhibition of works in progress’ by Maria Amidu’s Public Programme, artist Êvar Hussayni will facilitate a workshop responding to the themes in the exhibition, such as belonging, communication, writing, memory and archive, and how these are evoked through food.

This workshop is designed to engage people further in the exploration of Maria’s work, through the lens of Êvar’s own practice which is often focused on the archival process of Kurdish women, with a larger focus on the functionality of archives. Both Maria and Êvar share an interest in the archive and preservation of histories and memories of people and places. 

During this session participants will get the opportunity to first experience the exhibition and the work of Maria Amidu, followed by a sharing of traditional Kurdish food that Êvar grew up eating, alongside a freewriting activity to capture the memories that may be prompted by the food.  Sharing food is often a process that provokes memory exchange. Food has the ability to create nostalgia and memory, it is particularly important culturally in acts of celebration and can allow for conversation and connection between strangers. The intention is that participants will share these memories with each other.

This event is open to all, it will last for 1 hour and a half, and you are not required to bring anything with you. Please note that all the food served will be vegetarian, but please make us aware of any allergies that you may have in advance.


The workshop will be held at the Stuart Hall Library, please contact Hollie Douglas at hollie.douglas@townereastbourne.org.uk with any questions and any accessibility requirements that you may have. 

About the artist: Êvar Hussayni

Êvar’s multi-disciplinary practice focuses on Kurdish genealogies, colonial violence in archives and their relationship with the trajectory of Kurdish feminism and Kurdish womanhood. In her analysis of archives, she investigates the psychological impact of the archived material; how might archives perpetuate violent histories? What role does archiving play in shaping freedom – specifically that of occupied people and lands? How far does the current archive privilege particular narratives and create bias in the collective memory? Through broadening the range of methodologies she employ in her work, Êvar’s endeavour is to assess the implications of archival structures for Kurdish women’s identity formation.