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Remi Fadare

  • CountryUnited Kingdom


Remi has had an interest in hip hop, graffiti and comics since 1984 when hip hop, breaking and graffiti was just breaking as an international phenomenon. She frequently uses cartoon imagery and satirical political messages in her work.

She graduated from the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design with a degree in fine art. Her undergraduate and graduate work has always highlighted interests and passions, hip hop culture and socio-political issues and is a therapeutic outlet which she wanted to share with other people. Remi graduated with an M.A. in art psychotherapy from Goldsmiths in 2008.

She sold her degree show exhibition and was given an honorable mention from the associated architects’ award. During this time she was also working as a professional dancer. Her diptych south London life sold at a charity auction for £1250

Remi has continued her interest in hip hop through art since graduating. Painting “break dancers diptych” was shortlisted for the New cross art prize and the P.Y.M.C.A “wild styles” hip hop art competition.

Remi F currently works as a state registered art therapist for the children’s charity Kid’s Company and works in community arts and support for the mental health charity Mind in Ealing and Hounslow.

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