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The Artful Dodger: The Once and Future Britain Window Commission

09 Dec 2009-02 Jan 2010

2009 window commission at Rivington Place presented by The Artful Dodger in collaboration with a group of 'young creatives'

Artist The Artful Dodger collaborates with a group of ‘young creatives’, has been selected by Curator Teresa Cisneros for Iniva’s annual window commission at Rivington Place. The Once and Future Britain installation responds to world politics, future history and popular culture.

It transports us to a Britain in 2024 – a Britain where cultural and religious holidays have been banned in favour of a more ‘socially cohesive’ nation.

A new generation of artists aged 18-25 from across London articulate their vision of a future Britain. They transform the vast window using stencils, aerosol painting, photography and graphic design.

This trans-cultural, creative group of the future co-ordinates cultural ‘strikes’ and reclaims wall space for artistic expression. For this installation they bring a section of ‘wall art’ that has been retrieved from a future British society to Rivington Place.

The Once and Future Britain acts as a foreboding monument to a potential autocratic establishment. What used to be known as ‘Christmas’ or the ‘holiday season’ has now become the ‘Social Order Advancement Participation Day’ or ‘SOAP’ Day.

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