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Artful Dodger The

  • CountryUnited Kingdom


The Artful Dodger (A. Dee) is widely credited with being one of the first aerosol writers to come out of the UK in the 1980s, making a successful transition from the streets to the corporate world. This has included work for LucasFilm, BAA Heathrow Airport, MTV and the Southbank Show. He has held spray-painting demonstrations and workshops for young people across the UK, including one which won an award from the late Princess of Wales.

Throughout the last 25 years The Artful Dodger’s work has taken a personal evolution through letterform, from Gothic Calligraphy and aerosol writing on the streets of London, through to Psychovisualistics – a soulful expression of light and colour which he describes as being ‘visual music’. In 1994 The Artful Dodger set up True to the Game to show aerosol culture in a positive light and establish a common understanding of its purpose and significance in the 20th – and now 21st century in Western culture. This prompted him to both produce and direct a two hour documentary film on the global impact of aerosol culture called Get The Message.

In 2009 he joined Mark Speight Foundation as a ‘Specialist artist’ and workshop tutor and set up Identicons: Icons and Cultural Identity project, which aims to provide a positive creative outlet for self-expression for 16-19 year olds in partnership with the University of the Arts.

The Artful Dodger has had two solo exhibitions, Identicons, 2009 and Rebirth of a PsychoVisualist, 1995, both in London.

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