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Felix Choong

  • CountryUnited Kingdom
  • Born1995


Felix Choong is a student of History and American Studies at the University of Sussex with a year abroad in North America. With a strong vested interest in visual culture and the responses developed by the discriminated, he has used his degree to further his interests exploring the development of American humour movements and the causes and expansion of international protest movements. In his future works, he is hoping to address issues, conflicts and ideas integral to minority groups both internally and externally, to open up debate on persevering social norms.

This is his first venture with Iniva and into the artistic world as a creator rather than as a spectator. His piece entitled ‘Counter-culture’ is envisioned as a photo series of gentrification and those responsible for it. It seeks to give an alternative perspective of the issues surrounding white privilege by engaging with those who experience and benefit from it, discussing their perspectives and the depth of their knowledges on the issues that they are permeating into society.

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