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sorryyoufeeluncomfortable Barby Asante and Teresa Cisneros Residency and open studio

11 Sep-27 Sep 2014

'sorryyoufeeluncomfortable' collective has been invited to develop their practice during a month long residency and open studio at Iniva.

During September 2014 the sorryyoufeeluncomfortable collective has been selected to take part in the Iniva Open Studio & Residency programme by curator Teresa Cisneros. Our Education Space has been transformed by the collective, functioning as an active working space for the artists as well as an exhibition of completed works.

The collective was formed during the recent Baldwin’s Nigger Reloaded project created in collaboration with artist Barby Asante and Education Curator Teresa Cisneros and hosted at Iniva.  The purpose at the heart of this initial project was to bring together a group of artists, thinkers, and makers interested in exploring questions related to both personal and societal experiences.

The newly formed collective, who have named themselves sorryyoufeeluncomfortable, have been provided with this new platform at Iniva in order to continue developing their practice, complete research, propose new questions and conversations, and to premiere who they are both as a collective and as a group of individual makers.

Expect an open studio environment where you may encounter a conversation, work in progress and completed artwork.

The collective will continue to receive support and creative guidance by artist Barby Asante and Education Curator Teresa Cisneros.

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