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Alexa Wright

  • CountryUnited Kingdom
  • Born1962


Alexa Wright is a visual artist working with photography and interactive digital media. She is interested in using new technologies to investigate the expression of human identity and to question the conventional boundaries between art, science and technology.

Alexa has worked collaboratively with numerous medical scientists, most consistently with Alf Linney, Professor of Medical Physics at University College London. Alter Ego (2005), shown both nationally and internationally and made in collaboration with Alf Linney, is a virtual mirror in which individual users interact with their own automatically created avatar.

Alexa and Alf’s project, Conversation Piece (2007), is an intelligent room that can converse with its occupants. In this real- time, live work audience and machines act as both performers and observers. Other works include Opera Interna (2005) a series of nine digitally manipulated portraits of opera singers that explore the performative nature of human expression; and Cover Story (2006), a video installation exploring the functions of the human face.

Alexa teaches at the University of Westminster in London.

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