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Artist, Writer

Walker Anna


Anna Walker (PhD) is a multi-disciplinary arts-practitioner who has exhibited her work nationally and internationally. She was awarded an MA in Fine Art from Southampton University (1998) and a certificate in Psychotherapy from CBPC, Cambridge (2010). Her training as a psychotherapist led to her PhD in Arts and Media at Plymouth University (completed in May 2017) which explored how the body responds to overwhelming and stressful situations and reorganises itself to cope with or manage the traumatic situation. 

Her research rebalances the critical with an autoethnographic approach to remembering trauma, utilising personal experiences to facilitate a greater understanding of memory, trauma and its wider cultural implications. 

As part of the ‘Duties of Self Care’ programme 2019 of Iniva’s Research Network, Anna presented her research ‘When artists get it “wrong”‘ with a screening of some of her sound and moving image work Fragments and a more recent work, Breathe Wind Into Me.

Anna Walker lives and works in London.

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