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Curator, Writer

Carol Tulloch

  • CountryUnited Kingdom


Carol Tulloch is a curator, writer, and Reader at the CCW Graduate School, and is a member of the Transnational Arts, Identity and Nation Research Centre (TrAIN), at the University of the Arts, London. She is also the TrAIN/V&A Fellow at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Carol was the principal investigator of the Dress and the African Diaspora Network (2006 – 2007). Her recent publications include: Buffalo: Style With Intent’ in Postmodernism: Style and Subversion 1970-1990 (2011), Dress and the African Diaspora, special issue of Fashion Theory, Journal of Dress, Body and Culture (editor, 2010); and Style-Fashion-Dress: From ‘Black’ to ‘Post-black’ (2010).

Carol’s most recent exhibition is the British Council’s contribution to London’s inaugural International Fashion Showcase featuring Botswana, Nigeria and Sierra Leone (2012).