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Elaine Thomazi-Freitas

  • CountryBrazil


Elaine’s trajectory into the realms of music and technology was gradual yet definitive. The inclusion of the visual element was an achievement  – as Elaine says, “music demands (and brings along) a full and rich imagery.” While technology has become a core element in Elaine’s work, she strives to use it as a means of expression that adds to the artwork, never constraining the artistic conception or its realisation.

Elaine holds a Doctor of Musical Arts from Columbia University, New York, USA, and a Master’s from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After spending a couple of years freelancing between Rio de Janeiro and Paris, she moved to London in 2008, where she works as a Lecturer in Sound & Media arts.

Elaine’s areas of interest include: Interactive arts (dance/visual arts/poetry…); performance and installations; contemporary arts; computer music; digital video; new aesthetics; noise (audio & visual) and ambient (spatial chaos/order) transformed into art materials and expressions; new techniques; cultural diversity and interaction.

Elaine Thomazi-Freitas’ works have been produced and performed in the USA, Canada, France, Sweden, Brazil, Great Britain, Chile, Ireland, and Germany.

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