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There There


There There is a 50% Romanian 50% Serbian performance company, founded in London by Dana Olărescu and Bojana Janković. Their work grows out of intimate political and social frustrations and explores how social changes and paradigms influence everyday lives and identities. The company’s practice revolves around topics that emerge at the intersection of personal experiences and big-picture policy and politics, including immigration, immigrants’ public identity, exclusion, national identities, institutionalism and heritage. They create pieces that find their form in response to content, resulting in a diverse practice that includes performances for studios, galleries and the outdoors, one-on-ones and sound installations. Audience development, focused on engagement with immigrant communities, is an essential part of our creative practice. 

Their practice was presented in the 2018 event ‘Research Network: The Invisible Other’ hosted at Iniva.  The event questioned if diversity classification, considered through an Eastern European perspective, stratifies prejudice, encouraging a hierarchy of marginalisation. 

The company has created pieces for the Museum of London, Tate Exchange, Rowan Arts and Giving in to Gift.  They have received funding from Arts Council England, and performed around the UK, including at National Maritime Museum, SPILL, Experimentica, Tate Modern, Center for Art on Migration Politics (DK) and ODD (RO).

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