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Artist, Collective, Curator

Squirrel Nation


Squirrel Nation is an international, creative not-for-profit agency formed of three core members: filmmaker and writer Erinma Ochu, visual artist Caroline Ward and curator Bianca Ama Manu. They make and curate films and organise exhibitions and events connecting art, science and the environment. 

Ward, a Deaf visual artist and experience designer, is trained in fine art and film. Her interests lie in intersectionality and the crossovers between nature-culture and technology. Ochu, who originally trained as a neuroscientist, focuses on the afterlives of creative practice, exploring what remains from creating or experiencing intersectional work. Manu is a curator and producer who works between London, UK and Accra, Ghana.  Her practice explores the socio-political, the environmental, issues of identity and the use of new media. 

In 2018, Squirrel Nation was awarded the Stuart Hall Library Artist’s Residency which ran between February and April. Taking Iniva’s material as a springboard, Squirrel Nation used this opportunity to investigate the cultural ‘touchpoints’ between diasporic generations. Using social media and modern technologies, they explored how individual experiences of diasporic communities today relate to the experiences of previous generations. The residency created a space for the collective to rethink the politics of blackness, diversity, inclusion and a sense of belonging or isolation. 

The collective is based in their studio in Manchester. 

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