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Pratap Rughani

  • CountryUnited Kingdom


Pratap Rughani is a documentary film director/producer.

His work is wide-ranging, from investigative and social stories to human interest and environmental films embracing a range of documentary film and photographic practices. His documentary film practice finds homes in a spectrum of editorial, commissioning and exhibition environments. Much of his early work is in observational broadcast documentary modes, with twenty-five films for BBC 2 and Channel 4. More recent films explore the greater aesthetic freedoms of independent commissions for the British Council, or research-supported projects for exhibition in gallery spaces most recently at Modern Art Oxford and Gallerie Polaris. Many films explore the dynamics of inter-cultural communication, conceiving documentary as a crucible in which people of radically different perspectives, cultures and politics come into relation, for example with the Truth & Reconciliation Commission of the new South Africa.

He wrote the new MA in Documentary Film for the London College of Communication (Univ. of the Arts London where he is Course Director) and is interested in examining and creating newer forms of inter-cultural documentary film cultivating the kinds of pluralized spaces through which newer understandings can evolve.

Pratap Rughani took part in ‘Global Visions’ event as part of the interview panel, part of the programme of events for Progress Reports: art in an era of diversity exhibition.

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