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Peter Randall-Page

  • CountryUnited Kingdom
  • Born1954


Peter Randall-Page studied at Bath Academy of Art between 1973 and 1977. Since then his sculptures have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in the UK and abroad. In 1999 the artist was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Arts by the University of Plymouth and in 2000 he became a Research Fellow in Visual Performance at Dartington College.

The variety and diversity found in organic form has always been a great source of pleasure and fascination for Peter. In his sculpture, he attempts to make an imaginative transformation of natural form through the filter of his emotions. He said, ‘Whilst I do not always base my work on a specific form found in the natural world, I endeavour to retain a fidelity to the underlying principles of growth and structure which govern it. My hope is that the sculpture has something of the kind of rightness of form which we perceive in nature and that it will speak to others by virtue of our common experience and understanding of the natural world.’

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