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Huang Yong Ping

  • CountryChina
  • Born1954


Ping graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of Zhejiang.

In the mid-1980s he founded the Xiamen Dada group and staged radical happenings, in conscious reference to Marcel Duchamp, John Cage and Joseph Beuys. Living in Paris since 1989 Huang continues to subvert cultural stereotypes through his site-specific installations. His status as exile affords him a unique vantage point on the Western hegemony in the global discourse on contemporary art.

He proposes alternatives through the use of unorthodox materials such as cooked rice and live scorpions and thus challenges aesthetic norms as much as their institutionalisation in the museum or gallery space. However, his numerous references to ancient Chinese history, philosophy and mythology remain deliberately obscure and difficult to decode. More than merely sly critiques of Eurocentrism, his works have been described as “specific, strategic mediations between his Chinese heritage and the ambient language of Western contemporary art.”