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Rodrigo Ramirez Nava


Rodrigo Nava Ramírez (he/him) is a visual artist and computer programmer from Mexico City. In his work, Rodrigo seeks to practically and conceptually reframe digital technologies as tools for exploring spaces that are materially and temporarily restricted, creating alternative spaces for representation.

Rodrigo finds interest in how technology shapes our understanding of movement, borders, time and space and how by re-contextualising these concepts in the digital realm spaces for non-performance and refusal can be opened. The emancipation of technology as a decolonising act of resistance. His research is framed by Mexica Cosmologies, Mexico’s colonial past and the Spanish Conquest of Mexico. Among current core concepts are hybridity, worldbuilding, and psychogeography, drawing on notions of opacity, creolisation and the glitch, as found in the writings of Legacy Russell and Édouard Glissant.

Rodrigo lives and work between Berlin and Glasgow and was web designer for DRIFT – a post-national digital pavilion.

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