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Orsod Malik


Orsod Malik is a UK-based Sudani curator, writer, producer, and digital strategist. Orsod’s curatorial practice focuses on developing methods to explore cultural and political entanglements.

He has worked as a Curator at the Stuart Hall Foundation since 2020. Since then, he has produced a range of programming including the Imagined Futures and Contextualising Climate Crisis writing series, the Locating Legacies podcast series, and has worked to orient the SHF’s programming towards thinking through contemporary urgencies through dialogue.

Orsod is also the Curator and Digital Strategist at the International Curators Forum (ICF). He produced ICF’s new website and digital archive, and curated the first iteration of the Shifting the Centre project entitled Grenada as Reference at Black Cultural Archives. Orsod is currently working on the second iteration of Shifting the Centre taking place at Iniva this Autumn. Orsod also produced the Living Archives podcast, a series of intergenerational conversations between artists set to release in August.

Orsod was the 2021 Archivist-in-Resident at the Library of Africa and the African Diaspora (LOATAD). He is the founder of @code__switch an archive/continuum of radical internationalism dedicated to drawing links between anticolonial struggles and thought across space and time.

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