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Monica de Miranda

  • CountryPortugal
  • Born1976


” Art is a constant travelling experience within ourselves and others. Art as life, is an endless journey; it is as a broad road that extends infinitely into the distance. Art provides a vehicle to travel in that road. Our own journey consists of various life experiences. The experience of art allows us to become aware of all the textures of that pathway, which is where the journey starts. I am a traveler, neither abroad or at home – I am in between, crossing the line and borders of transient migrant landscapes and exploring transformed identities and geographies.” Monica de Miranda

Monica de Miranda is an artist, whose work crosses boundaries by sketching a landscape of trans-cultural, plural identities and multiple possibilities of being.

She seeks liberation from patterns of convention by forming new alphabets and geographies, inspired by her experience of itinerant and transient culture.

De Miranda uses hybrid and multiple art resources, forms and technologies but her work is characterised by the use of materials that evoke feelings of intimacy and familiarity. She invites us to experience the cultural intersections that link our identities with the physical and perceptual world surrounding us.

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