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Nicole Crentsil

  • CountryUnited Kingdom


Nicole Crentsil is a Ghanian born curator, public speaker and arts facilitator based in London. Nicole creatively retells the experiences and stories of Black British women in the arts through conversation, documenting their lives through a diasporic lens.

In 2016, Nicole founded ‘Unmasked Women’, an exhibition channeling the Black British female experience focussing on mental health. Since her successful show, Nicole has curated an exhibition at the V&A, produced several discussions with Tate Britain and delivered projects and talks with the ICA and Southbank Centre. In 2017, Nicole co-founded The Black Girl Festival, the UK’s first festival celebrating Black British women and girls. In its first year, Black Girl Festival produced two annual festivals, whilst building a growing community.

In 2017, Nicole contributed to a discussion with artist Joy Miessi at Iniva, titled ‘If you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it’. They discussed Miessi’s journey through embracing her Blackness and how it has impacted her practice as a young Black British artist. They examined the influence of hair and skin as a cultural catalyst for wider conversations on self love and mental health, retracing Miessi’s artistic timeline and literary influences.

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