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Artist, Writer

Gyula Kosice

  • CountryArgentina
  • Born1924
  • Died2016


A Czechoslovakian-born Argentine sculptor, theoretician and poet, Kosice was one of the founders of the Mad Art movement. He developed his artistic career in close conjunction with his writing activity. He is a co-founder of the “Arturo” magazine, (1944), of “Arte Concreto Invencion” (1945) and the author of the Mad Manifest, (1946). Ryi, his first articulated and movable sculpture was highly significant for the later development of kineticism in Latin-America.

He was one of the precursors of art of the kinetic and luminance vanguard. Kosice created hydraulic sculptures and water was an essential element of his works. His works were showcased in retrospective exhibitions ‘A Hundred Works of Kosice, a Forerunner’ at the Di Tella Institute (1968) and the National Museum of Fine Arts (1991) in Buenos Aires.

He has published 14 books with his essays and poetry. He was distinguished “Caballero de las Artes y las Letras” (Lord of the Arts and Literature) by the government of France and named Honorary Citizen of the City of Buenos Aires.

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