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Luke Hastilow

  • CountryUnited Kingdom


Luke has been exploring the symbiosis of art and technology since childhood. From the exploration of synthesizers and circuit-bending at the age of 5, to the design of real-time embedded systems technology for robotics on TV, Luke’s passion is centred on exploiting technology for artistic purpose.

Having worked alongside a number of respected and influential underground Electronic music acts, and performing in both the UK and Europe, Luke has firmly engaged himself in the field of Music and Technology. Past projects include: the development and publication of popular music software, VST synthesizer development, advanced embedded systems design, and sound design projects for film and computer games.

More recently, Luke has been focusing his research on the Human-Computer Interface, exploring the development of transparent ubiquitous computing technology that will link seamlessly artists and their technology.

With post-graduate qualifications in Electronics and Software Engineering, Luke  Hastilow  is currently a Lecturer in Music Technology and Audio Systems at London Metropolitan University.

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