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Aya Haidar

  • CountryLebanon
  • Born1985


Aya Haidar focuses on the recycling of found and disposable objects making poetic works that explore loss, migration and memory, with a particular focus on the Middle East through the histories contained within aged, and culturally specific objects.

She re-uses objects to re-create narratives, to explore memory with a focus on older objects from previous generations. This development of a generational craft work that spans time, explores hand-me-down skills, stories and community and, by extension, cultural specificity and the intercultural nature of British society.

Aya Haider:

My focus on developing inter cultural dialogues is a vital step in offering alternative ways to see the world, and initiate debate and dialogue about the globalised world we live in.

I see my work contributing to dialogues around global cultures, media and questions of identity, both national and personal.

I explore whether the durational aspect of craft, more so than other artforms, expresses concepts of time, through the way in which the hand of the artist is inherent within the medium. Alongside this a consideration of whether the ‘voice’ inherent within craft and its histories, contibutes to feminist narratives by bringing the domestic into a more discursive platform.

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