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Artist, Collective


  • CountryUnited Kingdom


FRAUD is a duo (Audrey Samson & Fran Gallardo) of media and spatial practitioners. Within the umbrella of critical practices, or practice as critique, FRAUD develops forms of art-led inquiry into the multiple scales of power and governmentality that flow through physical and cultural landscapes. 

In 2017, the duo presented their performance-lead inquiry ‘Carbon Rifts’ at Iniva, investigating the genealogy of inner colonisation embedded in the collusion between carbon trading and industrial forestry, with a focus on the impacts on northern indigenous knowledge systems and traditional land and water uses. 

FRAUD has participated in numerous residencies including the Open Residency (2018) and Helsinki Design Residency (2017) both at Helsinki International Artist Programme, The Empire Remains Residency (Politics of Food) at the Delfina Foundation (London, 2016) and at Somerset House Studios (2017-9). FRAUD have exhibited and performed at the Venice Biennale in 2017, the Victoria and Albert Museum (2015, London), Kunsthal Aarhus (2016, Denmark) and Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin, 2011) among other venues. 

FRAUD is based in the UK. 

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