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Francis Ebony

  • CountryUnited Kingdom


Ebony Francis is a visual artist who approaches her practice under the premise that all of her work is ostensibly auto-biographical, externalized and internalized through the various environments to which she belongs. This work is her “diary”. Often she uses her own body or other bodies or “things” that she feels can describe or represent her. Dabbling in photographic collage, film, installation and performance art she incorporates all of her education, learning, development and many years of travel, work and connections made around the world. Driven by the black body politic she centers on themes including racial identity, cultural imperialism and heritage.   

In 2017 Francis performed Consuming My Way To The Black Future With My Afro Intact as part of ‘Research Network: Projections, Predictions and Speculations’ at Iniva.  The night of performances explores and destabilise Afrofuturist explorations of time in order to provoke critical questions around existence, identity and erasure. 

Ebony Francis completed her MA in Photography at Central Saint Martins in 2017.

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