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Artist, Collective, Writer

Kodwo Eshun

  • CountryUnited Kingdom
  • Born1967


Kodwo Eshun was born and lives in London. He studied English Literature at University College, Oxford University. His published work includes critical analysis, catalogue essays and magazine articles. His art projects include film and video compositions that coalesce around the notions of the audiovisual archive and archaeologies of futurity.

He regularly presents papers at international conferences and symposia and has chaired discussions, moderated dialogues and debates.

The author of the More Brilliant than the Sun: Adventures in Sonic Fiction (Quartet, 1998), he is a co-founder of the artists’ collective the Otolith Group and a regular contributor to the magazines: Frieze, The Wire and Sight and Sound.

Kodwo Eshun founded the Otolith Group in 2002 with Anjalika Sagar. Their work reflects on the perception and nature of documentary practice through films, texts and activities related to media archives. Expanding on the documentary genre, their films are imbued with a collage-like effect of images which create a new atlas that narrates the different forms taken by postcolonial situations. From Cold War ideology to global capitalism processes, recent history appears as fragments of a personal diary which, in turn, could be fiction.

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