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  • CountryUnited Kingdom
  • Established1995


Disinformation is a performance, electronic music and kinetic art project. Since 1995, Disinformation has pioneered the use of electromagnetic noise  – from live mains electricity, electric storms, industrial, domestic, laboratory and IT hardware, rapid transport systems, the sun etc. – as the raw material of experimental music and fine art productions.

Disinformation has recorded 8 commercially available LPs and CDs, performed over 100 concerts, contributed to 50 group shows and been the subject of 12 solo exhibitions. Sci-Fi author Jeff Noon writing in The Independent said that “people are fascinated by this work”; The Guardian described Disinformation’s work as “some of the most beautiful installations around” and The Metro called them “the black-ops unit of the avant-garde.”

Disinformation has collaborated with Usurp to produce the London Underground project for Liminal: A Question of Position.