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Exodus Crooks


Exodus Crooks (they/them) is a British-Jamaican multidisciplinary artist, educator, and writer whose practice centres the relationship with self. Observing the results of fractious domesticity, despair and passion, their art tends to appear as questions of self-actualisation and the role that religion & spirituality play in that journey to enlightenment. Based between the Midlands and the north coast of Jamaica, their art exists alongside their educational role. With themes of care, tenderness, and reimagination at the core of their practice, Exodus uses gardening, text, filmmaking & installation to further explore indigenous thought. Their breadth of experience in art and education can be seen in their work with Ikon Gallery, Vivid Projects, The New Art Gallery Walsall, the Film and Video Umbrella, Iniva, and the International Curators Forum.