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Celine Condorelli

  • CountryFrance
  • Born1974


Celine Condorelli works with art and architecture, combining a number of approaches from developing structures for ‘supporting’ (the work of others, forms of political imaginary, existing and fictional realities) to broader enquiries into forms of commonality and discursive sites, resulting in projects merging exhibitions, politics, fiction, display, public space, sound, writing, and whatever else feels urgent at the time.

She is the author/editor of Support Structures on Sternberg Press, 2009, and one of the founding directors of Eastside Projects, an artist-run exhibition space in Birmingham, UK; she has been teaching and lecturing since 1999, and is currently Professor at NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti) Milan.

Recent exhibitions includes Social Fabric,  Iniva, London, Surrounded by the Uninhabitable, SALT Istanbul, “There is nothing left”, Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum, Townhouse, Egypt and Oslo Kunstforening (2011-12), Something Stronger than Skepticism, Alias, Krakow Photomonth (2011), Manifesta 8, Murcia (2010), Revision, part 1 and 2 (Artists Space, New York, 2009, and Cell Projects, London, 2010), Curtain Show (Eastside Projects, 2010), and Life always Escapes (Wysing Arts, Cambridge, and e-flux journal 2009).

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