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Artist, Curator, Writer


  • CountryUnited Kingdom


Campbell is an award-winning director/producer. They have produced and directed for galleries, television and the corporate market. Their titles include the award-winning BD Women (1994), Viva Tabatha (1996) and Paradise Lost (2003). They made Broken Chain (2008) a BBC/Film London in March 2008. Other titles include the award-winning Legacy (2006) which explores a personal take on the lasting impact of slavery on Black families and Fem (2007), a butch homage to queer femininity.

Campbell’s body of work was honoured by the Queer Black Cinema festival in New York in March 2009. Image, Memory and Representation was a retrospective of their work which was programmed at the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 2007.

Campbell was invited to programme the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 2004 – 2005. They were also the festival director for The Fire This Time! – Queering Black History Month 2006 which focused on the work of queer artists of colour for Black History Month.

They have written and published short stories and articles on film, sexuality
and gender for Diva Magazine, Feminist Review, The Pink Paper, Critical Quarterly, Chroma Magazine, BFM Magazine, Luxonline and BFI Screenonline.

Campbell was also the Director of Photography for For Cultural Purposes Only (2009) directed by Sarah Wood, Bend It (2008) directed by Jules Nurrish, Camera for feature films Do I Love You? (2002) And Tick Tock Lullaby (2007) directed by Lisa Gornick.

Campbell is one of the selectors for Iniva’s ‘Progress Reports: art in an era of diversity’ exhibition (28 January – 13 March 2010).

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