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Artist, Critic

Alice Creischer

  • CountryGermany
  • Born1960


Born in Gerolstein (1960), Alice Creischer studied Philosophy, German literature and Visual Arts in Düsseldorf. A key figure of German political art movements in the 1990s, she has produced collective projects, publications and exhibitions.

She is also co-curator of such paradigmatic exhibitions Messe 2ok (1995), ExArgentina (2004) and The Potosi Principle (2010). Creischer’s curatorial practice correlates with her work as an artist and theorist. Creischer has collaborated with artists such as Andreas Siekmann and Max Jorge Hinderer. Her work investigates how the hidden tensions behind the liberal economic system transforms into a “machine to create inequity”.

Alice Creischer’s work is shaped around a quest to find instruments to visualise the forms, moments and situations in which the history of capitalism and its operating principles become tales of exploitation, exclusion and distortion of the basic principles of western democracy.