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Anne Berndt

  • CountryGermany
  • Born1974


Anne Berndt is a photographer concerned with the human transformation of the landscape and the relationship of people to their physical environment.

Her projects include the series ‘Trona – half-way between Las Vegas and L.A.’ – exploring the relationship between the social and physical environment within the remnants of the Borax mining town of Trona, CA. Another recent series of photographs reveals an insight into the changes of East London prior to the Olympic games of 2012. In contrast, her latest, ongoing body of work ‘The Surface of the Earth’, is concerned with the natural environment itself,  exploring the fascination of the dynamic power of transformation within nature.

‘Will you be my twin’,  a series of large-scale portraits, is interested in the physical manifestation of close friendship. Portraits of this series made up the database for [ wo:l bo:l ] a collaborative project exploring interactivity and sound at Iniva’s Liminal exhibition.

Previous exhibitions:

Photofusion, Brixton/ London (12/08- 01/09) AMPS 2008 – group exhibition

Di Franco, Chemnitz, Germany (09/2008) – ‘Trona- half- way between Las Vegas and L.A.’

Weltecho / Produzentengalerie OSCAR e.V., Chemnitz, Germany (08/2008) – ‘Kammermachen’

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