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Artist, Collective

Oreet Ashery

  • CountryIsrael
  • Born1966


Oreet Ashery is a London based, interdisciplinary visual artist. Ashery’s practice engages with socio-political paradigms and tends to include participatory and delegated elements.

Interested in notions of subjectivity and authenticity, Ashery frequently produces work as a male character. These have included; an orthodox Jewish man, an Arab man, a black man, a Norwegian postman, a large farmer and most recently a false messiah.

Ashery exhibits, performs, intervenes and screens her work extensively in an international context, both in highly established art contexts, as well as in highly experimental public spaces or situations. Ashery’s work has been discussed in numerous art, academic and cultural publications and books, in various languages.

Ashery had published three books in 2009: The Novel of Nonel and Vovel, a joint graphic novel and an expanded project with the artist Larissa Sansour (Charta); Dancing with Men – interactive performances, interactions and other artworks (Live Art Development Agency), and Staying: Dream, Bin, Soft Stud and Other Stories (Artangel), a particapatory project with women seeking asylum in the UK due to their sexual orientation.

Ashery is an AHRC fellow in the drama department at Queen Mary University, she takes parts in talks and panel discussions on a regular basis and has been engaged with educational work and projects in the public sphere for many years.

In collaboration with Larissa Sansour, Ashery shows a graphic piece in Iniva’s ‘Progress Reports: art in an era of diversity’ exhibition (28 January – 13 March 2010).

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