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Ash Amin

  • CountryUganda
  • Born1955


Ash Amin’s research and publications have dealt with regional development and socio-economic inequality in Europe, the social economy of the city, and the socio-political evolution of multicultural and multi-ethnic societies within the European Union.

A founder member of the Forum of Concerned Citizens of Europe Living in diversity Ash writes about the dislocations of the unequal society. His next books include The Freight of Social Ties (Polity Press, 2012), which examines the political economy of the response to strangers in the west, and with Nigel Thrift, (Political Openings: An Essay on Left Futures, Duke University Press, 2012), which argues that without recovering a world-making capability, one that taps deep into unrepresented injuries and desires, the Left will never return as a mass political force.

In May 2011, Ash Amin was Guest Editor for openDemocracy series of essays on The Uses of Xenophobia, through which him and his colleagues explored political uses of xenophobia, and mapped the new relevance of an open and shared commons to a continent that is once again meeting economic, political and cultural insecurity with a resurgence of aggressive political demagoguery. In his key-talk for terms and conditions, Ash Amin took us through the series, expanded on its key arguments, and expanded on the relationship of current economic crises to the rise of xenophobic ideas and rhetoric across Europe.

You can read Ash Amin’s introduction to openDemocracy series at The Uses of Xenophobia

Read Ash Amin’s essay Xenophobic Europe for openDemocracy.

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