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States of Exchange: Artists from Cuba Exhibition

23 Jan-22 Mar 2008

Sculpture, performance and video installation work from artists working in Cuba today. A rare, unmissable and eye-opening experience.

At a time when borderless communication is assumed to be the global norm, Cuba is a country caught in flux. With two legal currencies, minimal internet access, and divisions between those who can and can’t access external resources, the residents of Cuba have become experts at negotiating the complexities of exchange between each other and the world.

Selected by Iniva’s curator Cylena Simonds and prominent Cuban curator Gerardo Mosquera, the group show focuses on six artists living and working in Cuba today. Their work offers a witty, scathing and provocative response to scarcity and constraint, raising issues of global relevance.

The artworks range from sculpture and performance to video installation, plus an extensive video screening programme featuring shorts and experimental documentaries by over 14 artists, including works never before seen in Europe.

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