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States of Exchange: Artists from Cuba

States of Exchange screening 1

21 Feb-07 Mar 2008

Exploring the use of video as an artistic medium and mode of political critique in Cuba

  • Venue

    Education Space (First Floor)

  • Time


  • Admission

    Free, no need to book

Film screenings on: 21 Feb; 28 Feb; 6 Mar; 7 Mar

Raychel Carrión
Eran 47 de memoria (47 Years of Memory), 2006
Video, 3:42 min

Javier Castro
Reconstruyendo al héroe (Reconstructing the Hero), 2006
Video, 4:26 min

Jesús Hernández
Informes de hechos vividos (Reports on Lived Events), 2007
Video, 10:45 min

Adonis Flores
Espíritu (al servicio de todos) (Spirit (At Everyone’s Service)),
Video, 5:56 min

Alexis de la O Joya
Cuba baila (Cuba Dance), 2005
Video, 2:27 min

Luis o Miguel
Polémica (Polemic), 2007
Video, 0:52 min

Luis o Miguel
Aiki, 2005
Video, 1:06 min

Alex Hernández and Asori Soto (Dir.)
Zona afectada (Affected Zone), 2005
Video, 8 min

 Lázaro Saavedra
A veces prefiero callar (Sometimes I’d Rather Shut Up), 2006
Video, 0:54 min

Renier Quer (Dir.)
Búnker (Bunker), 2006
Documentary video / Documental en video, 4 min

Running time: 44 minutes  

Admission is free. For more information please phone 020 7749 1240.