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Youth Rising Creative Mapping

01 Dec 2022-31 Mar 2023

Researching ways we can support young people in Westminster to engage in intersectional climate action

iniva and Nowadays On Earth have partnered to research ways that iniva can support young people in Westminster to engage in intersectional climate action, focusing on interdisciplinary methods.

Project update – July 2023

The report for the Youth Rising project is ready and is shared in the format of a zine. You can find the physical copy at the Stuart Hall Library or access a digital copy here:

About Youth Rising

This will be a 3-part process consisting of the research phase, delivery phase and reporting phase to develop an emerging strategy for iniva to position itself as a network-building library that connects knowledge and action.

We live in a world filled with intimidating statistics about the climate crisis, making such crucial information inaccessible for young people from underserved communities to feel equipped to take climate action. In the meantime, societies across the globe are suffering from collective eco anxiety, which particularly affects young people. Some of the issues we have recorded include:

  • People feeling disconnected from their local communities
  • Lack of resources and knowledge to create impact
  • Combatting inaction and climate doomism

The goal of the project is to create an engaging creative learning map and series on creative (un)learning for environmental justice and support young people to engage with climate activism. We will be presenting key information and concepts strategically, fostering education and action.

Through this research, we will seek to answer the following questions:

  • How can iniva support young people to engage with climate justice?
  • What knowledge gaps does iniva currently face in order to build on this programme and support young people’s networks?


Nowadays On Earth is a social enterprise advocating for contact with nature in the digital age. We provide resources, educational content, programmes, and workshops to close the gap between humans and nature while building intersectional urban gardening spaces and growing environmental justice. Through our programmes we support individuals to build nature connectedness, community resilience, and solidarity; develop the knowledge and tools to envision a world where all species flourish and catalyse ecosystem-based solutions to the challenges of our generation. Currently, we’re working on green equity and tech policy through our digital gardens campaign that connects urbanites with their local green spaces through innovative design technology that upholds the rights of people and nature.

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